Rue Hippolyte are Bettina Russo and Chaja Lang who combine dozens of years’ experience in art, architecture, design and fashion. Together we commission site-specific art installation and produce tailor-made living situations that reflect our clients’ individual stories and interests.

By working closely with artists, designers, architects and craftspeople we ensure unique, considered solutions; sustainability comes from our concerns about materials and in that we create environments to last. We love to cross boundaries between all the many creative fields and delight in surprising audiences.

For its first 18 months, Rue Hippolyte also operated a temporary gallery space at Limmatstrasse 214, an experimental stage where our work was visible to a wider audience. There we collaborated with artists on functional objects and exhibited them in a curated setting combining art, high-end vintage furniture, contemporary design and selected works of craft. This approach is being continued with pop-up exhibitions, creative workshops and art dinners.

ALL our projects are infused with our love for creation and the levity that stems from an optimistic, contagious sense of humour. Sign up for our newsletter to find out more.

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