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All our projects are infused with our love for creation and the levity that stems from an optimistic, contagious sense of humour.


The first step is always to work with what you have: With our trained eye, we find the right place for your furniture, art, and objects. By moving them to another place or room, we give them the opportunity to shine in a new light.



We find that special piece to complete your interior and make it whole. Thanks to our many years of experience in art, architecture, and design, we benefit from a huge network of vintage furniture dealers and craftspeople.

Interior and art consulting

We help our clients to create an interior concept that starts with the materialisation of spaces and incorporates their existing furniture, art, and objects while adding a few select pieces to create a coherent story. 

Bespoke commissions

We work with many artists and craftspeople to create that unique piece that makes your home or space stand out.


Do you have a project?

Call or text at +41 79 241 39 52

or write us here.

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